WAMS News Letters

Weatherford Aero Modeling Society

President                       Carl Freeman     mastercroaky@gmail.com 

Vice President:               Bernie Olson     olsonjg1@att.net 

Secretary/Treasurer:      Verne (Sarge) Bell  vernebbell2@aim.com 

Field Safety Officer:       Gary James 

Newsletter Editor:          Roger Guinn 

Send all submissions to rogerguinn130@att.net

Upcoming Events:

WAMS Annual Christmas Party

 Next Meeting: FRIDAY 2 December 

Where:  R&K Café on Ft. Worth Hiway/Frontage road

When:  Eat starting at 6 PM, Meeting at 7 PM 

Christmas Party!!!

When:  Eat starting at 6 PM, Meeting at 7 PM, Chinese Gift Exchange after Meeting! WAMS will pay for meal for 2016 Members & immediate family.

Rules for Gift Exchange

Purchase or find a modeling item of approximately $20.00 value. Wrap, bag, box or whatever it and BRING it to the Christmas Party

Those who bring an item will draw numbers from a hat.. Number 1 gets his/her choice of what’s available.  Number 2 get the choice of whatever is left, or the item #1 chose. In that case #1 gets a new choice. This continues until ll items are in the hands of members, with the following exceptions:

You may not take back an item as your choice when that item was just removed from your possession..

 An item becomes no longer available after its 3rd change of place

Don’t forget to RENEW your WAMS and AMA Memberships!


These notices are all too frequent. Our Condolences to Carl and the rest of the family.

On the night of Nov 25, 2016, WAMS Member Carl Rivers’ Wife, Helen, passed away unexpectedly and suddenly. The cause is unknown Helen is being held at Whites Funeral Home.  Helen will be buried in her Home Town in Minnesota.

More details will be made available later.

Our Hearts go out to Carl and his family on this loss!  God Bless and protect Helen in Heaven!


Trading Post:

I don’t know if the following are still available, but here they are:

Hanger 9 Twist 60 with 3 Spectrum A6110 servos, 2 Spectrum A6220 servos, 2700 mah 6 volt battery. It has a Spectrum  AR9020 9 channel receiver that can go with it or not. It is set up for an OS 95 V which I have but it has a fixable problem, Tru Turn spinner and a couple of APC props and some 4 stroke fuel and instruction book. Need to get rid of it so call me I'll sell it all cheap. Roddy Lowrie at 817-996-2758 anytime. 

I have aeromasters,a senior and 40 telemasters, and a few sport and electric planes. Jack Cummings cell 806-632-2263.

I live in Willow Park.

I have an Ultimate Bipe .40 Kit in the box. $50.00 takes it, or will consider trading.

Roger rogerguinn130@att.net  .

 if you have airplane stuff you no longer want or need, send me a note—Editor


Free to a good home: They need a lot of love, and some work— Recovering at a minimum! They have been in a box in my workshop since 2006: 2 CAP-21 .40 size. One of them has been flown, a long time ago. It will knife edge as long as you want it to. This is the one affectionately known as the “Snap-21”.  Also have a Super Sportster 40.  Needs re-covering at a minimum.

If you want ‘em, I’ll bring ‘em to the field or you can come get ‘em

Roger  rogerguinn130@att.net